Gretchen Keeps Job, Halts Fundraising

The foundation overseeing the increasingly embattled memorial at the World Trade Center is going to take a second look at how to pare down the costs of the project. In the meantime, Thomas Johnson, the head of its executive committee, said in a statement today, “The decision was made not actively pursue new fundraising efforts until complete clarity can be achieved with respect to the design and costs of the project. It’s only fair to donors to be able to expressly say how their money will be used and how much the project will cost.”

The statement came after a conference call of the board, and also included mention that the board “approved a resolution unanimously expressing their full support of Gretchen Dykstra as President and C.E.O.”

They took a confidence vote? How cheery!

Matthew Schuerman Gretchen Keeps Job, Halts Fundraising