Gretchen’s Response

Gretchen Dykstra, president of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, which is raising money and overseeing construction there, has some questions about Mayor Bloomberg’s statement today that $500 million should be enough for the memorial. Here’s her statement:

The foundation is delighted that conversations are happening between the Mayor and the Governors of New York and New Jersey and looks forward to further clarification of the statements made today.

We imagine her questions may include: Is the $500 million supposed to cover the underground Sept. 11 museum too? And the shrinking Snohetta building? And just what is the city, which so far has not pledged money to the memorial, planning to do to help? For that matter, what is Michael R. Bloomberg, one of the city’s leading philanthropists, planning to do to help? (His name does not appear on the foundation’s most recent list of major donors.)

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