Hillary “Pleased” about Murdoch Fund-Raiser

Hillary Clinton gave a speech calling for the extension of the Family and Medical Leave Act this afternoon at midtown daycare center. After competing for the small audience’s attention with a rambunctious curly-haired tot who kept screaming in the corner, Mrs. Clinton was asked about the extension of the Murdoch-Clinton Family fund-raising act.

“Well, I was very pleased when he offered to do one, you know, he did one for my colleague Chuck Schumer, and I think this is about New York. It’s is about the kind of job I am doing as the Senator from New York.”

She had some considerably stronger things to say about the newest revelations in the NSA surveillance program. “I am also absolutely amazed and outraged that the department of justice would shut down an investigation because the NSA wouldn’t provide clearance – that had to have been a decision made at the highest levels of the justice department and probably the White House.” Hillary “Pleased” about Murdoch Fund-Raiser