Hillary’s Adulthood

And in more news about would-be astronaut, Hillary Clinton, the Senator seems to have found a way to channel some of her untapped gizmo-gadget-rocket mojo: with big hand-outs to New York State’s defense industry. The admittedly partisan Just Hillary has the details on the $1 billion that will go to New York defense projects via the FY 2007 Department of Defense (DOD) Authorization bill, including more than $800 million for Lockheed Martin.

In announcing the bill’s approval by the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday, Hillary called it “important not only for our potential military capabilities, but for New York’s economy.” No doubt it will also be useful when election time rolls around in November.

— Lizzy Ratner

UPDATE: Gregg Birnbaum, author of Just Hillary and political editor of The New York Post, wrote in to object to the classifcation of his site as “admittedly partisan.” So herewith, his description of what Just Hillary is about: “The site’s “agenda” is straightforward: offering the latest news, analysis and commentary – all about Hillary. Favorable, critical and everything in between.” Hillary’s Adulthood