Hillary’s (Still Secret) Plan For Iraq

As our new friends at the Empire Zone noted, Hillary’s folded some comments about Iraq into her Energy Speech yesterday, though we’re not too convinced that she is clearing much air on her stance. We’ve been wondering for some time now about Clinton’s plan for Iraq. And to us, her remarks that, “We have to wait until an Iraqi government is in place” and wait until it can “take responsibility for the security of the Iraqi people” still seems like a political placeholder.

When we took a long hard look at Hillary’s plan for Iraq, we found that she wants 2006 to be a year of transition, with more troops coming home and others remaining for quick-strike capabilities and intelligence work. Clinton and her advisors have steadfastly refused to go beyond that, presumably hesitant to take that risk in light of her unique political situation.

So until all the government posts are filled in Baghdad, expect Hilary to keep it vague. After that, we’ll either get some facts or, just as likely, another bechmark that needs to be met before her plan can be fully divulged.

—Jason Horowitz Hillary’s (Still Secret) Plan For Iraq