I Become a Crime Victim

After the rock

I went for a walk yesterday and when I got back to the trail head some s.o.b. had knocked out my window with a rock, then pulled the emergency brake. I’d put a block under the back tire, otherwise my truck would have rolled out into traffic. It took me a half hour to clean the bits of glass out of the car, I cut my hand doing it. How much will a new window cost me? I called the police and a cop came over to interview me. He said a couple mollifying words about still trusting the world enough to go park the same place again.

As a crime victim, I think about the neocons, Irving Howe’s statement that he had been mugged by reality, and that is why he became a conservative. Or was it Irving Kristol? One of the Irvings. Well a few hours have passed and I am still a lefty. Though it’s true, my heart has turned against a portion of humanity. I Become a Crime Victim