I Got Your Civility Right Here…

Things got off to an interesting start at the New School graduation ceremony at Madison Square Garden, where John McCain is set to give an address.

Jason Horowitz just called in to say that a student who was scheduled to perform a song and give a short speech departed from her prepared remarks at the beginning of the event to deliver a somewhat ruder introduction than school officials were expecting.

After finishing her song – it was about world peace – the student laid into the Senator from Arizona, saying that he didn’t reflect the ideals of the university, and objected to his support of the war in Iraq.

McCain was about five feet away at the time. He didn’t seem to have much of an immediate reaction.

The student returned to her seat with her arms raised in triumph as the crowd applauded.

Said New School President Bob Kerrey when he got to the microphone moment later: “We’re having fun now, aren’t we?”

We’ll bring you reaction from McCain – who used a speech earlier this week to call for civility among people who disagree over the war – shortly. I Got Your Civility Right Here…