In the Shadow of Ikea


Taking a break from our coverage of the Fairway opening yesterday, we walked over to the Ikea site that sits on the Erie Basin. While officially inaccessible, smart adventurers know how to gain access to the site–which is where we found this creepy tableau that’s suggestive of horrors too eh, horrible to mention. These children’s bicycles were found, as is, feet from a former homeless encampment adjacent to the Ikea site.


Peering into the actual site, we found that demolition is going ahead quickly. Where there was once a large warehouse, now only its skeletal shell remains. Since the sun was going down, and it being a dangerous construction site and all, we decided to venture no further. We should, within a week or so, get some better pictures of the actual property. We need to see if the graving dock is still around, or if it’s already been filled in.


Nearby is the Added Value community farm. We blogged a bit about it yesterday, and we wanted to know if our future salad has yet sprouted. From the look of this picture, it seems that everything is coming up green! Since it sits directly across the street from the Ikea site, we’re very curious as to what’ll happen when the box store opens. We’ve a call out to the farm’s jefe maximo, and we’ll be getting back to you on it soon.

-Matthew Grace

In the Shadow of Ikea