Kathryn Kessler Ragland

March 28, 2006

9:54 p.m.

7 pounds, 8 ounces

Lenox Hill Hospital

When Margit Ragland looked up her firstborn’s pet moniker, Kessie, she found out that it meant “chubby baby” in Ashanti (not just a pop star, but a region in Ghana!). “So far, she’s living up to her nickname,” said Ms. Ragland, 34, a senior health editor at Family Circle; the exclusively breast-fed baby is currently tipping the scale at 10 pounds. Mom, meanwhile, has been rewarding herself with treats from Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack (“we go during off-peak hours”). Kessie inherited her dark locks and long fingers and feet from her father, Gar Ragland, 35, Ms. Ragland’s husband of over two years and a music producer for the Mountain Stage NewSong Festival. “She’s going to be a guitar player or a barefoot water skier,” joked Dad, soon to lose the office in the family’s Kips Bay two-bedroom to their fledgling fashionista. “She has a bigger wardrobe than both of us,” Ms. Ragland said.

Kathryn Kessler Ragland