Late Nosh at Green’s

It’s latkes and kibbitzing at Mark Green’s Flat Iron District house tonight!

OK, we don’t actually know about the latkes, but we do know that the Attorney General candidate will be hosting a meeting at his house this evening with “Jewish leaders” — according to an invitation forwarded to us — to discuss his campaign for Eliot Spitzer’s current job.

Among the topics of conversation, we imagine, will be today’s Quinnipiac poll, which Green partisans have been touting as an example of his improving campaign fortunes. The poll showed the gap between Green and his primary opponent, Andrew Cuomo, narrowing from 12 points to 8 points, with the other Democratic contenders each garnering less than 3 percent of the vote.

But since all of this polling stuff is, at the end of the day, so much speculation, our real question for Green & Co. tonight is: will they be counting the Omer?

— Lizzy Ratner

Late Nosh at Green’s