Lawyers for O’Donnell

In a piece of news that should probably count for more than it actually will in the race to become the state’s top public lawyer, Denise O’Donnell obliterated all comers in a reader poll in the New York Law Journal.

From the Journal’s write-up, which is available to subscribers only:

Ms. O’Donnell, a former federal prosecutor who now practices with Hodgson Russ in Buffalo, garnered over 70 percent of the votes from an audience probably comprised largely of lawyers and judges. She annihilated her five
competitors, including Democratic frontrunners Mark Green and Andrew Cuomo, and the likely Republican candidate, Jeanine Pirro.

One O’Donnell aide estimated the significance of the development in an email from Buffalo: “Even if we don’t get it from the state committee, we’ve got the lawyers overwhelmingly.” Lawyers for O’Donnell