Long’s Afterglow

After the Conservative party’s (pre)convention yesterday, where John Faso predictably picked up the endorsement, we thought it made sense to give the party’s chairman, Mike Long, a quick call and measure just how well he thinks his candidate is doing.

Long gave his usual spiel on how Faso is more in touch with New York and that Weld is “Disconnected from New York voters and doesn’t understand New York politics.” He said that Weld’s remark about Ground Zero “is a clear example that he doesn’t understand the hurt that went on here in New York. It is clearly very sacred ground. I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way it came out. But it didn’t come out well.”

That last magnanimous note, especially coming from Mike Long, makes us think that the Faso camp is really starting to think that things are going their way. Long didn’t seem the slightest bit worried about a potential endorsement for Weld from Governor Pataki (“I don’t think the election is won or lost on his endorsement or lack of his endorsement”) and clearly believes, like John Spencer does, that Faso has “picked up a lot of momentum.”

“Last night gave him a boost but he has done a lot on his own,” said Long.

The question is, what has Weld been doing to suppress this surge.

—Jason Horowitz Long’s Afterglow