Max Ryan Baum

April 18, 2006


7 pounds, 7 ounces

Mount Sinai Hospital

Baby Baum! Just like in that 1987 Diane Keaton movie, Lauren Baum, a legal recruiter at the Giffard Group who describes herself as “not maternal,” has found the switch from boardroom to nursery a wee bit disorienting. “Completely shifting gears from being a corporate-oriented person to a mother and caretaker has been the biggest change,” said the first-time mom, 31, who’s dutifully tending her offspring in an east-midtown two-bedroom. Breastfeeding is “the easiest thing for me,” she said, except for one glitch: Little Max is intolerant to lactose in her milk. “All the things you’re not supposed to eat when you’re pregnant, I got for two weeks and had to give up again,” Ms. Baum said, salivating a bit at the memory. “Blue cheese, goat cheese, feta cheese …. ” Dad is her husband of over two years, Alan Baum, 32, the president of Inside Sports and Entertainment Group, a corporate hospitality company. The competitive Mr. Baum is already trying to get his chubby-cheeked, towheaded li’l look-alike to say “Da-da.” “Even though Max is nowhere near that stage,” Ms. Baum said.

Max Ryan Baum