May Day II


Manhattan began to diversify its ethnic bases today, if only for a short while. Baby strollers and folks with cameras choked the arteries leading into the park, overlooked by the statue of George Washington at the center of the esplanade. Hundreds of people continued to stream into Union Square from all directions, joining what this reporter estimates to be a few thousand, in advance of the 4pm scheduled start time for this year’s May Day march and rally.

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Television cameras from all over the world captured the crowds, which poured into the park endlessly carrying a variety of international flags alongside American ones. One cameraman from TV Asia interviewed three South Asian men in their native language.

Signs ranged from simple statements: “¡Amnistía Ahora!”

To: “Hey Lou Dobbs–Weren’t your ancestors, the Mayflower folks, the first wave of illegal ‘aliens?’ Check please your American history, ‘we are all illegal immigrants.'”


An unusually high number of suburban looking white men darted through the crowds, newspapers under arm, sporting dark sunglasses, while others complained of failed shopping sprees. One woman, pushing her way up Union Square East and clearly agitated by the crowd, announced, “I’m not part of this shit,” after she was reprimanded by an officer for stepping into the street.

—Nicole Brydson May Day II