McCain Response

Well, today’s McCain story has generated quite a lot of letter writing from addresses we usually don’t see here at

Well, today’s McCain story has generated quite a lot of letter writing from addresses we usually don’t see here at the li’l old Observer. Most of the e-mails coming in are from conservatives west of the Hudson River, and they argue that McCain’s moderate stance on domestic issues does not represent their values. Many say they would only vote for him if he ran against Hillary. Others say nothing, not even that dreaded scenario, would cause them to cast their vote for McCain. This all doesn’t exactly wash with McCain position atop the polls, but we thought we’d give a sample of their views, just because they are opinions that, to be frank, we don’t hear much in the blue capital.

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—Jason Horowitz

A reader from California writes “Everybody out here in California can see what this whole immigration fiasco is about. McCain and the rest of the traitorous politicians in this country want to eventually set up everyone with an id card so that no one will be able to to even survive without the “blessing” of the government. This only puts the government more in control of everyone’s lives instead of doing what they should be doing…enforcing the laws already on the books and protecting the border.

Another reader writes”The press, Washington insiders and Liberals are the only ones that like Mr McCain. We republicans can’t stand him. He could never win the Rep. primary because WE will not elect him. He does not speak for us in fact he ticks us off. He is your poster boy for us because he is your kind of democrat. You can continue to quote him as a republician but you continue to mislead people including yourselves into thinking his views are the views of republicans.”

A reader from Arizona writes “Those of us in southern Arizona have no use for Mr. McCain. While he runs around the country (pandering) for money, we are still protecting our property from a Mexican invasion that he refuses to do anything about.

A reader from Los Angeles writes “Many of us conservatives in Los Angeles passed around your article regarding McCain. Just letting you know, that we are pretty much throwing our money behind Mitt Romney. We don’t consider McCain a winner. And petty as it sounds, we all contributed pesos to the GOP fundraising efforts.

A reader writes “America is heading for a disaster just like Rome did when it fell because we have largely deserted the God of the Bible.”

A reader from Wyoming writes “Remember the little “mistake” in South Carolina over the flag at the capital? McCain is making the same mistake now on immigration. He and many Democrats AND Republicans, even to include the President are off the mark on this, if they think the majority of Americans “want what we offer”. There is and has been a serious lack of leadership among leaders of the Republican Party and the men and women who are suppose to be from the party of Law and Order.

McCain may come close, but after being part of any immigration bill that will allow illegal’s to obtain the same Social Security Payments or the gathering of these funds to send to Mexico, McCain can keep on dreaming. He will never reach the Presidential Office, he so desires. In fact, if the Republicans do not get back within the fold, they may well loose the House, Senate, AND the Presidency. They will try to blame dirty politics, etc, but it will come down to one thing….they forgot their base voters and again as they have done before they “thought” they were smarter then those same poor voters.” McCain Response