More on the Left’s Real Power

The appropriately-named FactChequer blasts me for failing to mention the foundations and not-for-profits when talking about the left’s power yesterday.

You look at academia, where people are paid to sit around and jaw, and say that all the Left does is sit around and jaw. Excellent reporting! Try looking elsewhere for active activists, for example not-for-profit groups, foundations, etc.

I think s/he’s right. I overlooked that source of power. Though the larger point remains. Where does the left have power? Not much, politically. Russ Feingold is a (breathtaking) outlier. He’s marginalized.

The left’s real influence tends to be cultural. On issues like affirmative action, abortion rights, women’s rights, and gay rights, we have largely won or are in the process of winning. Hey, I’m an optimist. But thanks to blue-state cultural domination, the media, the movies, etc., progressives have led the country on these cultural matters. Partly because there isn’t much of a conflicting corporate program. But when it comes to other more directly political issues, from tax cuts to global warming to foreign policy, we are hapless. More on the Left’s Real Power