Phillipe Can Botox My Armpits, Fight Curse of the Sweating Class

ERICA: “Does Phillipe do Botox?” I ask my aunt. (Phillipe is my aunt’s doctor friend.)

“Why? YOU want to get Botox?!” she asks.

I do want Botox. Not on my forehead. I couldn’t care less about the barely visible lines on my 33-year-old face. I want to get Botox under my arms before my wedding day.

I sweat…a LOT. So much so that I’ve had to make certain concessions in my life: Silk clothing, out of the question. Cotton shirts require an additional layer (jacket, sweater, shirt) to be used as a cover up if necessary. Most of my family members have this trait. It’s hereditary and inescapable.


This is not a glamorous discussion topic, but critical nonetheless. Dry Sol and the lesser Certain Dri (antiperspirants loaded with aluminum that you apply at night and really help to stop sweating) have been life savers for me, but I get lazy and forget to use them. Also, I just don’t want to take any chances with a $4,000 dress. And think of this: a lifetime of photos of me with rings underneath my arms would test my positive outlook to the limit.

A few months ago, I saw a segment on a morning show about using Botox on people who suffer from excessive hand sweating. They happened to mention that this also works for underarm sweating and I was immediately intrigued: read immediately transferring Botox designated money into my bank account.

Three months later I’ve yet to try this, but now that my dress is finally ordered, it’s back on my mind.

So returning to the initial question, yes, Phillipe does do Botox. And he will have to fit my armpits into his schedule. Phillipe Can Botox My Armpits,  Fight Curse of the Sweating Class