Rock On (the Owens Race)

Like my media colleagues who find themselves engaged in existential debate about blogs, I’m still working out what the proper role for us is. It often seems we can make better use of your time by offering new information and not just rubbernecking at news pile-ups elsewhere.

However, the mere act of referring can serve a useful function, particularly if it’s to an otherwise miss-able source.

Hence, we give you Rock Hackshaw, the guy I mistakenly overlooked yesterday, who has some new analysis about the race for Major Owens’ seat.

Essentially, he thinks that the withdrawal of Nick Perry – and more precisely, the reduction of the number of black candidates in the contest by one – makes Yvette Clarke an instant, heavy favorite over David Yassky, Chris Owens and Carl Andrews.

Now, I know we had at least one commentator yesterday tell us that Perry’s absence wouldn’t mean a thing.

Who’s right? Rock On (the Owens Race)