Rudy Asks, ‘Have I Got a Chance in 2008?’

From Maggie Haberman’s account of Rudy’s visit to Iowa yesterday:

“My effort this year will be to help Republicans get elected, and then, you know, quite honestly also, as part of it, saying to myself: Does it look like I have a chance in 2008?” Giuliani told reporters before a fund-raiser for pro-life congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti at the Wakonda Club here.

Of course, Rudy’s pro-choice. And he’s considered pro-gay. But let’s go to the small picture, where Rudy seemed to warm to the idea of federal subsidies for the manufacture of ethanol, a fuel that could make those Iowa cornfields a lot more profitable, but, as Haberman notes, puts him at odds with John McCain.

Asked whether Giuliani could be sold to Iowa voters, Iowa GOP chairman Ray Hoffman said he’s mostly concerned about 2006.

And then Rudy told everyone to go see United 93.

That’s right: stay on message.

– Tom McGeveran Rudy Asks, ‘Have I Got a Chance in 2008?’