Rupert’s Furnishing Woes

Rupert and Wendi need your couch.

While Rupert Murdoch is completing renovations on his triplex at 834 Fifth, the media mogul has had to improvise, according to

Most recently, Rupert, and his wife, Wendi Deng, were crashing at the Pierre. But the lease is up, and the couple are heading over to Trump Park Avenue.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Though luxurious–and expensive, at around $60,000 per month–the residence comes unfurnished. So, the Murdochs have been asking to borrow couches and beds from model apartments in the building, the source says.

What? Maybe there are some remnants from the show house that occupied the duplex penthouse there last year. Or perhaps he can always try craigslist for something to get through his time as a renter.

Michael Calderone Rupert’s Furnishing Woes