Sciame, Rampe to Try Luck at Ground Zero

Oh, what joys they have to look forward to! Governor Pataki is reappointing Kevin Rampe to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, this time as chairman (he was the president for two years until last spring), while builder Frank Sciame has been put in charge of a “Memorial and Master Plan Design Committee” and is apparently supposed to break the backs of the architects and bureaucrats down there.

The way the press release describes that task suggests how accurate Joe Hagan’s description of thin men in black jackets and square glasses arguing with one another really is:

Sciame will convene the Memorial and Master Plan Design Committee of Michael Arad, Peter Walker, Max Bond and Daniel Libeskind and work in coordination with the LMDC, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the WTC Memorial Foundation to ensure the memorial is brought in line with the $500 million budget. The Governor and Mayor have set the end of June as the deadline for resolution.

Enjoy your stay, fellas!

Matthew Schuerman Sciame, Rampe to Try Luck at Ground Zero