South Slope Fund-Raiser

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The South Slope Coalition, which has been fighting over-development in–you guessed it–the South Slope, is holding a fund-raiser tomorrow afternoon at the Methodist Church at Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street (Brooklyn, natch). The centerpiece of the fund-raiser will be Billy B.’s concert for kids, as well as a raffle, face painting, snacks and CD’s.

The South Slope neighborhood has been a battleground as of late between developers who want to build out-of-scale residential towers and residents who are trying to stop them. There were a couple of victories for the residents last year that resulted in a down-zoning, but developers, as are their want, keep on fighting. Which necessitates lawyers, which in turn necessitates la plata.

It’s $10, and it’s a worthy cause. Nice to see residents get involved and down and dirty, taking on developers and making sure they get a fair stake in their own neighborhood. If you can’t make it tomorrow, we’re sure they take donations. See the South Slope’s Web site for more info.

-Matthew Grace

South Slope Fund-Raiser