Stephen Colbert Is Against the War

The Colbert Report may be the best show on television, but when 60 Minutes flacked the show last night it abandoned its responsibility and didn’t quiz Colbert about his politics. Morley Safer just chuckled along with Colbert from start to finish, making him out to be some take-on-all-sides entertainer.

That’s a dodge. I love Colbert partly because I’m sure he shares my politics. What’s my evidence? It’s obvious. The left loves him and it should; his ironies are chiefly directed at the right in the same way that Trey Parker’s (vicious, sourmaking) comedy is aimed at the left. Also at Saturday night’s Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, Colbert’s speech, featuring Helen Thomas as the crazily heroic main character, had as its central theme, What are we doing in Iraq? Good question. And it was aimed at the guy three seats away, the President.

Which is to say, Colbert has real power. I don’t expect him to want to talk about it, but 60 Minutes let its own fuzzy liberal orientation show when it failed to ask Colbert one genuine question about his politics, and failed to try to talk to his friends and family about his politics. Stephen Colbert Is Against the War