Suozzi on Debates. Again.

The Suozzi camp released another letter to Spitzer, and once again, the subject is debates.

May 25, 2006

Dear Attorney General Spitzer:

I’m pleased that you have agreed to debate me in New York City on July 25.

Still, I have to ask: Why only one debate? And why only in New York City?

With all the serious problems we have in New York-out-of-control property taxes, low-performing schools, disappearing jobs, and a lack of affordable housing-do we really think a single debate in New York City is enough?

I proposed a debate schedule that would enable voters in every region of the state to compare fully and fairly our records and visions for the future of New York. I am still following that schedule, and despite your absence in Ticonderoga two weeks ago, yesterday I was in Buffalo, ready for our ‘second’ debate.

The people of Ticonderoga deserve better and the people of Buffalo deserve better. Upstate voters are no less worthy of the right to scrutinize our records and take part in the democratic process than voters in New York City.

We are sending the people of Buffalo a terrible message: their city is good enough for our Party’s closed convention, but not for a substantive debate between our Party’s two candidates for Governor. We will both be in Buffalo next week: you will be in a hotel ballroom with party insiders; I will be outside that hotel, bringing my message of government reform directly to the people of New York.

Yesterday, we could have given the people of Buffalo an opportunity to judge us side-by-side. By not giving these voters that choice, you are not giving them or their democracy the respect they demand.

On June 14th, I will be in Syracuse for our ‘third’ debate. I hope to see you there.


Tom Suozzi
Nassau County Executive

We have to give Suozzi points for perseverence. And in the interests of a nice, open election, we hope he gets his debates.

But at the same time, we continue to wonder whether this is really a productive message of the day.

—Jason Horowitz Suozzi on Debates. Again.