Suozzi, Street Performer

Tom Suozzi just left a rally at Lafayette Square in Buffalo — about two blocks from the Democrats convention center — where he continues to work the only line of attack left open to him.

“Albany is sticking it to us and we are getting the short end of the stick,” said Suozzi, campaign manager Kim Devlin relayed to us.
“And,” Suozzi said, pointing at the Hyatt, “Eliot is showing that he is sticking with them, but I’m sticking with you.”

Devlin said the crowd went “crazy.”

But Suozzi doesn’t have the insider/outside stunt to himself: U.S. Senate candidate Mark Greenstein is also working crowds outside the convention center, planning an appearnace at 4pm at the Bijou Grille “just 2.5 blocks from the Hyatt.”

—Jason Horowitz

Update: Ben has a photo of that “crazy” crowd Kim Devlin was talking about. She must have meant they were going crazy on the inside. Suozzi, Street Performer