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Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but I’m stunned by the new Quinnipiac poll numbers on the governor’s race.

Registered voters responding to the interestingly formulated statement that “New York State is broken and needs to be fixed” said by a margin of 72-20 that the only candidate who could fix it was Eliot Spitzer.

And in a development to which Ben has aptly ascribed the term “Republican Weirdness,” GOP voters favored Spitzer by 45-14 over Bill Weld, John Faso or anyone else.

These are numbers, in case it’s lost on anyone, that Aleksander Lukashenko would envy.

One thing to keep an eye on going forward is the extent to which Spitzer takes his lopsided poll results as a sort of pre-mandate to lay out a substantive policy agenda, or to begin affecting state policy before he actually gets into office.

Another – and I’d love your help on this one please – is what, if anything, Tom Suozzi can possibly do to change what must be a very disheartening dynamic for him.

Any suggestions? Comments?

Supreme Leader