Tax Season — A Time for Giving

When Mark Green released his tax returns for the last ten years today and called on all his opponents to do the same, his campaign statement included all the expected nods to the importance of “disclosure,” particularly for somone seeking the position of top law enforcement official.

But we couldn’t help but feel that there was also some ulterior motive, something that seemed rather apparent in sentences like this one:

“Those attorney general candidates who say they are reformers should practice it by disclosing their taxes, clients and investments so the public and press can judge the extent of any conflicts of interest.”

Who could he possibly be talking about?

As for Mr. Green’s tax returns — they were joint returns with his wife Deni — they show that the couple earned a cozy income these past ten years, bringing in between $293,000 in 1996 and $793,410 in 2004, the year he sold his apartment. But one thing perplexes us: while his income has gone up, his gifts to charity have gone down.


— Lizzy Ratner

NOTE: This item was corrected to reflect that fact that the returns reflected the joint income of Mark and Deni and not just Mark’s. Sorry.

Tax Season — A Time for Giving