The A.E.I. Bats Its Eyes in the Times

The American Enterprise Institute has been all over the New York Times this week. First it was Sally Satel, resident scholar, on the Op-Ed page Monday, saying Let’s have a free market for the sale of human organs. Then yesterday it was Christina Hoff Sommers, giving the lead quotation in a House & Home section about men fighting for hideaway spaces in their homes.

The AEI is bacccck! The thinktank that has suffered such thinkability issues, that gave us Dick Cheney and John Bolton and Richard Perle and on and on and helped bring somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths to Iraq, that George Bush said had given him more brains than any other organization—the AEI is putting its best foot forward. Maybe its only foot: its women scholars, the softer foot, the one that stamps the ground about political correctness.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be in the Times. Let 100 flowers bloom. But maybe their i.d. slug should say, the AEI,whose scholars promoted the war in Iraq. The A.E.I. Bats Its Eyes in the Times