The Council’s New Accent

Speaker Christine Quinn just announced the appointment of Sandra Mullin as Communications Director for the Council, starting in mid June.

Mullin cut her teeth as a spokeswoman at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), and says she got to know the Speaker and “admired her grit” when they worked together to pass the Smoke-Free Air Act. But we find her accent, with subtle notes of an Irish brogue, even more intriguing.

Turns out Mullin grew up in London and Jamaica (not Queens) though she has been living in New York for well over 20 years. “I am a New Yorker,” she said.

Still, we can’t help but think that Quinn and company acquired Mullin’s lovely lilt at least in part to bring a veneer of class to the often boisterous Council.

— Jason Horowitz

The Council’s New  Accent