The Grass Is … Red?

We’ve written a fair amount here about whether this type of thing (from the Lexington Herald-Leader) works:

Urban County Councilman Bill Farmer Jr. went on the attack in a TV commercial with partisan overtones. It compares corporate attorney Jim Newberry to Democratic U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton.

In the 30-second ad, airing on all three major network affiliates, Newberry is labeled as a “liberal Democrat,” while Farmer is called a “conservative.” The race is ostensibly non-partisan.


The ad says that the Hillary Clinton-like plan created by the task force “increased the price of health care, covered fewer people and drove doctors and jobs out of Kentucky. We can’t afford Jim Newberry and Hillary Clinton’s ideas.”


Farmer’s ad also features trick photography, Rabold said, pointing out that it begins with a shot of Newberry standing behind a podium with a picture of Clinton, a heart and the word “Hillary.”

The footage of Newberry at the podium was from last month’s forum at the University of Kentucky, but the picture of Clinton was not on the podium, Rabold said.

– Tom McGeveran The Grass Is … Red?