The Perkins Machine

The race to replace David Paterson in Harlem’s historically significant state senate seat is shaping up as a contest of money versus organization – for now.

While C. Virginia fields managed to raise about $100,000 at a single fundraiser last week, Bill Perkins is continuing to pick up potentially valuable organizational endorsements.

The Perkins camp can now point to the Broadway Democratic Club’s vote of 34 – 12 in his favor earlier this month, the Park River Independent Democratic Club’s lopsided vote of 46 – 6 last Thursday, and an endorsement, announced today, from Democracy for New York City – the political action committee spawned by Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.

Perkins has also won the backing of 1199 SEIU and UAW Region 9A, and as Ben pointed out earlier, he has a proven ability to turn out voters in the district on Election Day.

It’s worth noting that the clubs that have endorsed Perkins so far are in the southern portion of the district, based in the Upper West Side and Morningside Heights and that, as a Fields advisor cautioned me, the endorsements from a handful of Harlem-based clubs are yet to come.

Anyone have any idea how those endorsements will go? Or how much any of them matter? The Perkins Machine