The Right Is Wrong To Embrace Hillary

We recently learned that Rupert Murdoch would be hosting a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton’s Senatorial re-election campaign. Mr. Murdoch said he considered Mrs. Clinton to be an effective Senator from the state that is home to Fox News and the New York Post. Mr. Murdoch added that his activity on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf had “nothing to do with anything other than her Senate re-election.”

Oh, that the Clinton world were so simple. We should know by now that it never is, never was and never will be.

Helping Hillary Clinton now means helping her reach the next phase of her career. Being an effective legislator for New York, winning the respect of her Senate colleagues, proving herself—this was precisely the plan from the beginning.

You might ask, “What’s so diabolical about being an effective legislator, or winning the respect of one’s colleagues, or proving oneself?”

Well, if you’ve forgotten who and what Hillary Clinton is—and making us forget was also part of the plan—then the answer is: nothing. But for those of us who have stayed vigilant, who in 2000 foresaw her designs on the White House, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that the past five years in the Senate have been a mere stepping stone, a tool toward attaining the Presidency. Once she is in residence in the White House, she will continue to undermine American supremacy and independence, a process that her husband jump-started, partly under her influence.

Though setting politics and values aside for business considerations doesn’t present a moral dilemma to the opportunistic business mind (the Republican-leaning Corning company in upstate New York has also been won over by the job Hillary has done for them), Mr. Murdoch is playing into Hillary’s hands.

Yes, corporations will get two more years of Hillary’s nice side, but then we’ll all pay the price if their actions ultimately help achieve a Hillary Presidency. Besides, there are few Hillary fund-raisers who haven’t later found themselves stabbed in the back.

An early intimation that the wool would creep over conservative eyes happened soon after her 2000 Senate victory, during orientation, when Democrats and Republicans alike welcomed the new junior Senator, with Henry Hyde asking for a hug. After her first year of service in the Senate, Hillary got good grades, with several of her colleagues calling her an excellent pupil. The lawmakers easily forgot that “the most ruthless politician I’ve ever seen,” as Dick Morris has called her, plays by the rules so that she can eventually break them.

Meanwhile, she’s glad to reciprocate her colleagues’ kissy-faces and collegial attitudes, but the good will shown her serves no purpose other than to be exploited toward her ends. In her eyes, a fellow human being is either useful or useless, and she doesn’t walk away thinking kind thoughts after warm encounters with either.

One attribute that her husband was famous for was the immediate change of facial expression—his face would literally drop—after the cameras were off, morphing from genial to humorless. It’s one attribute that the couple seems to have in common.

No one knows the real Hillary. Her smile never quite reaches her eyes, and she guards herself carefully. The compulsive lying, meanwhile, has continued unabated, a recent example being selling the media on the idea that Hillary and Bill Clinton were acting independently when Hillary spoke out against the Bush administration on the ports deal while her husband was helping make it happen. As usual, the Clintons tried to have it both ways.

It would be more useful to note that, in contrast, Hillary had nothing to say when her husband, speaking in Qatar, called for the conviction of cartoonists for practicing what we call freedom of the press.

A sign that the apocalypse was upon us surfaced when NewsMax—an outfit basically founded on exposing the Clintons at every turn—lauded Hillary’s “stand” against the Dubai ports deal when she parroted countless others who decried our unprotected borders.

We need to remember that Hillary Clinton is someone who must be defeated because of who she is and not respected for who she pretends to be. In the foreword of Tom Kuiper’s new book, I’ve Always Been a Yankees Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words, Dick Morris writes, “No politician could possibly amass quotes like this and expect to run for office. Nobody would dare.”

But shamelessness is precisely what the Clintons specialize in, and if Americans—media moguls and Senators included—are dopey enough to eat up the endless Clinton deceptions, then Hillary Clinton is the President we deserve. The Right Is Wrong To Embrace Hillary