The Washington Post Hints That Clinton Has a Girlfriend

The Washington Post today follows up the Times frontpager on the Clinton marriage with a column by veteran political commentator David Broder, titled “The Shadow of a Marriage,” in which Broder hints that Bill Clinton has a girlfriend. He does so in a passage that critiques the Times piece:

It touched only lightly on the former president’s friendship with Canadian politician Belinda Stronach.

Then Broder says that the character of the Clinton marriage is the “elephant in the room” with Senator Clinton—and thus, fair game in the political process.

I genuinely wish the Clintons luck on this one. I’m never going to vote for Hillary (too much blood under the bridge). But aren’t we sick of the prurience? And isn’t there a freedom in their choices of which others are envious? Maybe we can all learn from their experience.

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