Thorsten Marino

April 11, 2006

8:14 p.m.

6 pounds, 15 ounces

Lenox Hill Hospital

Though nicknamed Thor, after the Viking god of thunder, this redheaded firstborn boy is as tame as his favorite stuffed animal, a lion, whom he enjoys engaging in frequent stare-downs. “He’s a perfect baby,” said mom Kirsten Marino, 37, owner of Slope Sports, a—you guessed it—sports shop in Park Slope. “He only screeches once per day.” Dad is her husband of four years, Haig Marino, also 37 and quite sportif, a cameraman for the WB 11–WPIX Morning Show. Pre-baby, Mr. Marino biked three hours outside daily; now he’s reduced to riding a stationary two-wheeler in the family’s one-bedroom apartment near the store. The ensuing vibrations often cause Thor to sit up and coo. “They both share a passion for cycling,” said an amused Ms. Marino.

Thorsten Marino