Wedding Planning and Other Tasks (e.g., Cleaning Dog and Dishes) Take Back Seat

ERICA: “Can we send our save-the-dates out TOMORROW?!” asks Greg in a highly charged, slightly panic-stricken tone.

“Uhm…are you out of your freakin’ mind?” I reply calmly, despite the exclamation points that are dancing across my mind. “Do you SEE what I’m in the middle of?”

What I’m “in the middle of” is preparing for the The National Stationery Show. We’re launching our new line Paper Mama and featuring Paper Bride again. Our living room looks like Downtown Beirut, flies are circling in the kitchen as the dishwasher has not seen any action in a fortnight and even the dog is looking at me as if to say “Can you people give me a bath already? It’s a little embarrassing at the dog park.”

I’m neglecting every aspect of our lives in preparation for this show and wedding planning has had to, temporarily, take a back seat (like the waaay back seat in SUV’s that no one really wants to sit in because you are practically sitting on the bumper…that one).

However, let’s not forget my progress:

*I’ve got a dress!

*Ended a two month game of phone tag with our rabbi. (Yes, he is still marrying us AND we can have the ceremony at 6:30 as we had requested.)

*Save-the-Dates are in hand and in the vintage postcard vs. plane ticket debate, vintage postcards won out!

The truth is the save-the-dates are almost moot at this point. Everyone has pretty much already saved the date on their own, we’re less than six months away and now I just look like a slacker. Sigh.

Wedding Planning and Other Tasks  (e.g., Cleaning Dog and Dishes) Take Back Seat