Will the Real Joseph C. Wilson IV Stand Up?

Something popped out of yesterday’s Times report on the Libby-Cheney leak investigation: the name Joseph C. Wilson IV.

I thought the ambassador’s name was Joe Wilson, or as his book, The Politics of Truth, is bylined, Joseph Wilson. I was curious about who all the other Joseph C. Wilsons were and I leafed through the book. Nothing. He says his mother’s family was a big political family in California, but only says that his parents were “expatriate journalists and authors,” though his father also “had a couple of jobs bringing American products to European customers, but the enterprises didn’t work out.” That’s not very forthcoming. I have the strong sense that Wilson, former ski bum and diplomat, is a rich kid.

Yes, he was right about Niger, and we can hope this case brings Karl Rove and Dick Cheney down—but what sort of packaging is going on? Could the truthteller have a little more plain dealing about his own background? Will the Real Joseph C. Wilson IV Stand Up?