101 Rationalizations for Pulling for Ghana

I’m feeling the need to rationalize the fact that I’m pulling for Ghana this morning. It’s not anything I decided, I just want Ghana to win. Got to admit it. Feels a little unpatriotic. Especially when chinpullers on the left are telling me to genuflect to the Flag. But love of country, love of anything, it’s not something you can fake. And I don’t love the USA in the World Cup. I like ’em, don’t love ’em. Loooove Ghana.

I know the real reason, it’s because Ghana are underdogs, they’re poor Africans. I’m a bleeding heart limousine liberal sap, that’s me alright. They’re people of color, I’m there. Got to admit it.

But let’s not talk about feelings, let’s talk about rational logical reasons. Herewith a few rationalizations for pulling for Ghana:

—Our cotton subsidies are wrecking African societies. I thought we believed in free trade…

—The official American soccer crowd is so boosterish and bizarre and monoculturish—it’s mostly economics professors as I read it, and who can develop any feeling for them? Economics professors??

—American scorn for world opinion in Iraq…

—Soccer is multicultural and international; there are various blocs of Americans pulling for Italy, Brazil, England and South Korea. If I want to pull for Ghana, that is alright… Hey, my wife did anthropological research in Ghana, back in the day…

—U.S. got through into the knockout round last time through the same kind of scenario they’re envisioning today. Why can’t they just win rather than calculate?

—African fans are fun to watch on TV amid the scary unisons of European fans

—400 years of oppression and slavery and colonialism. Had to throw that in, didn’t I?

I know there are some other good reasons. Time to watch the game..

101 Rationalizations for Pulling for Ghana