A Baby’s the Best Way To Be Cool Like Gwen Stefani

ERICA: It seems like getting married these days is sort of uncool. I mean, three or four years ago planning a wedding was all the rage (hello, Star Jones!? holla Jessica Simpson, and let’s not forget the fabulous nuptials of Gwen Stefani!) But nowadays the fastest way to mega supercool-dom is all about having a baby.


I had enough trouble getting Greg down on one knee after four years, so conversations about bambinos aren’t exactly welcome in our household.

“I don’t think so.”

That’s the general response to any questions I’ve ever posed regarding Greg’s desire to reproduce and the one he reiterated this morning after learning approximately 72 hours later than the rest of the English-speaking world that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born.

“Mmm…” he begins, as if he’s getting ready to change his mind, “nope, just really not feelin it!” he answers, just reminding the universe that daddyhood’s not on the to do list these days.

I don’t push the issue, mostly because I’m still not convinced that I want to go down the road of parenthood myself. At this point, I’m just really attracted to the idea of being able to eat whatever I want for nine months and buying really cute baby clothes from the European Designer section of the baby department at Century 21. I think I probably want to be cool like Gwen more than I want to be a mom.

So far, at least.

A Baby’s the Best Way To Be  Cool Like Gwen Stefani