After Vote, Whither Weld?

Horowitz has this from the Hoftra Arena:

So the delegates are voting (“Lewis County -with more cows than people and the largest wind farm east of the Mississippi proudly supports John Faso”). Faso looks like he is doing very well so far, but the last few counties that voted, especially Manhattan, which is voting now, are going heavily for Bill Weld.

Also, Faso supporters are making themselves heard and seen much more than Weld’s, stomping on the bleachers, wearing red baseball caps bearing a white letter F, and waving signs in the delegate seats. Weld’s supporters, obviously much more anxious, are responding to the Weld votes with polite applause.

The Empire Zone is saying that Faso appears to be bringing in more than 50 percent.

The Republican primary was supposed to set up as a party insider with heavy establishment support (Weld) against an insurgent with genuinely strong support among the conservative Republican base (Faso).

If Faso gets the commited base and the party – which he seems to be on the verge of doing — I think it’s fair to ask whether Weld has any good options left. After Vote, Whither Weld?