Brokers Strike Poses; Toast Each Other

Avenue’s June issue.

Last night, Avenue magazine threw a launch party for their newest–real estate-centric–issue. In a spread that stretches over 23 glossy pages, the kings and queens of Manhattan real estate strike their finest poses.

For Warburg Realty’s Richard Steinberg, the movie-star spread was fitting. “It’s the East Coast Hollywood,” he said.

Nevertheless, it was still surreal to be drinking with a roomful of the elite–especially with glistening (and very flattering) portraits adorning the walls.

There’s the “Moguls” (the Zeckendorf boys); “Leading Ladies” (11 in all, six from Corcoran, and rougly two-and-a-half smiles total); and “The Boss” (Donald Trump sitting in the boardroom, flanked by the straight-faced kiddies).

“I knew nothing about New York real estate,” said photographer Josh Lehrer, standing beneath his Trump family portrait. “I guess this was a crash course. You know what surprised me? Every one of these people knew how to work it and pose.”

By putting the real estate powerhouses-turned-models together, one might fear a bitter clash of egos. You have Linda “The Diva” Stein, Louise “The Icon” Sunshine, and Dottie “The Movie Star” Herman? (Not to mention, the issue also features Dolly “The Rainmaker” Lenz sprawled across a piano a la Michelle Pfeiffer, as Page Six mentioned today).

“You know, everyone gets along,” explained Avenue‘s svelte publisher Julie Dannenberg, the evening’s hostess. “And they have to! They have known each other for a long, long time.”

Mr. Steinberg–one of the” Leading Men”–agreed. “For the most part, the members of the top tier genuinely like each other. There’s enough to…”

“Go around,” added Corcoran’s Sharon Baum, one of the “Leading Ladies.”

Robby Browne, her gregarious Corcoran colleague, gave their hostess a quick kiss.

“I wasn’t really looking forward to it,” admitted, Mr. Browne, regarding the seven-man “Leading Men” shot. “But it was wonderful!”

“He’s God,” Ms. Dannenberg intones as he glides away.

The plush elegance of Guy Regal’s eastside gallery certainly added to the event. In the front window, a blown-up print of “Leading Ladies” rests against two Italian Baroque credenzas.

“We’ve always been important people,” said “Leading Lady” (and Sotheby’s luxury broker) Nikki Field. “Now we’re just more visible.”

Max Abelson Brokers Strike Poses; Toast Each Other