Cheesecake in Times Square

Today marks a sad occasion in the history of Brooklyn baked goods: Junior’s is opening up at 45th Street at Shubert Alley–1515 Broadway, the gaudy Times Square address shared by MTV and Nokia Theater.

At 12:30 this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg (plus Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Brooklyn BP Marty “Mar” Markowitz) will be dedicating the 6,600 square foot restaurant. And eating.

Somewhere, a cheesecake cries a solitary tear.

UPDATE: Mr. Markowitz did not make it to Junior’s–on acount of heart problems–but is recovering well. His press release explains: “I’m now a member of one of the largest 60-plus groups in America–the stent club.” (Daily Politics, via Gawker)

Max Abelson

Cheesecake in Times Square