Conde Nast Building Makes Good

4 Times Square.

Tired off all the backstabbing and infighting that’s typically reported on at 4 Times Square? (Not that The Observer would ever mention such things).

Well, there is actually some good news coming out of the Cond&#233 Nast building today, according to the New York Times.

The owners of a Times Square tower have wired their building with radio equipment designed to help emergency workers better communicate with each other once inside– especially in parts of the building where radios tend to drop signals.

The installation of a so-called repeater system in the building, the 52-story Cond&#233 Nast building at 4 Times Square, took about a year and a half and cost less than $300,000, the owners said.

The Fire Department’s first deputy commissioner, Frank Cruthers, called the installation of the system by the Cond&#233 Nast building’s owners, the Durst Organization, a “wonderful example of corporate good citizenship.”

Michael Calderone Conde Nast Building Makes Good