Coulter Hangover

Is Ann Coulter really laughing?

You can hardly blame Hillary Clinton and other New York officials for responding to Coulter’s noxious take on the 9/11 widows, which seemed to cross a line familiar even to those who remember some of her greatest hits in the past. From a political standpoint, they could hardly have taken a pass.

But from a commercial standpoint, they were props. Their criticism gave Coulter an opportunity to go back at Hillary, elevating her commentary on the 9/11 widows into something resembling a political debate, and allowing her to star in the resulting windfall of publicity.

The predictable consequence, of course, was that sales of Coulter’s book – which, like The Omen, came out on 6/6/06 — spiked. The Post reported that she “appeared to be laughing all the way to the bank, and that the book reached No. 3 on Amazon after yesterday’s back-and-forth. At one point, it actually got to No. 1, where it remains this morning.

(Sales on the initial release date, apparently, were relatively modest, but picked up yesterday once the story reached the conservative media outlets.)

But I wonder if that’s just a temporary reaction, and whether Coulter went too far this time even for her devoted fans. After all, even they must see the widows that she attacked as Americans who were tragically vicitmized by terrorists on 9/11.


Here’s one of the 528 (528!) customer reviews posted on Amazon as of this morning:

I’ve enjoyed some of Coulter’s books and talks, but reading this book this time just pushed me over the edge. Ms. Coulter goes too far in her venom against democrats. I’m a registered Republican and I find her comments offensive in this book. She comes off as very bitter.
Coulter’s become a hypocrite not to complain about Lisa Beamer being used as a political billboard by Bush immediately following 9/11. Is it ok for victims to be political billboards, so long as they advertise for Republicans?
Coulter Hangover