Coulter Still on Top

Nearly a week after unveiling her attacks on the widows of 9/11, Ann Coulter is still the best-selling author on Amazon.

There are more readers out there, apparently, like Tammy Whynett from Salt Lake City

Coulter knows that altruism is the work of Satan and the evil weapon of the Liberals. Selfishness is the message of Jesus and the consevative movement in th U.S. Selfishness is a gift from GOD. “You are your brother’s keeper”, is the evil philosophy of the liberals and will destroy our country if not stopped. Coulter and her love of GOD AND COUNTRY is the only hope in this non-Christian world. I pray for Ann every day and twice on Sunday.

than “C. Penn Reader” from Detroit.

Or better yet, how would Ann Coulter respond if Jesus himself came to her door asking for something to eat and something to drink? First, Ann would not answer her door. Her housekeeper would. Second, the housekeeper would be instructed to shoo the vagrant man in sandals and sackcloth away because he is obviously a bum who has somehow wandered into Ann’s Upscale Neighborhood. How dare he. Third, Ann Coulter would not know Jesus if he came up and hit her over the head with one of her own books. This book should be called “How to Talk to An Idiot..If You Must..” Someday the Powers that Be will judge Ann Coulter the same way she has judged the rest of us who don’t share her bigoted point of view. I anxiously await that day.

— Josh Benson

Coulter Still on Top