Cuomo > Green, Pirro < Either

No big surprises in the latest Newsday/NY1 poll: Andrew Cuomo ahead of Mark Green in primary, both ahead of Jeanine Pirro in general.

The survey, which shows Cuomo out to a 14-point lead over Green, will certainly allow his camp to continue making the inevitability case. (The phrase Ben used in describing the pitch was eerily identical to the one I hear over and over again in people’s accounts of Cuomo’s subtle argument: “The train is leaving the station.”)

But with the poll also showing 30 percent of Democratic voters still indecided, Green’s aides will still be able to make a credible — if increasingly tenuous — case that the primary is indeed a two-man race.

As for the Pirro campaign? Newsday’s Lauren Weber threw them the following anchor:

But political experts say it’s too early to count Pirro out entirely.
Cuomo > Green, Pirro < Either