Define the “Post-Boom Era”


The new issue of the The Real Deal just dropped today, and this month’s cover story takes a look at the “post-boom era” in New York City real estate. When there are double-digit increases quarter after quarter, it’s easy to pinpoint the state of the market. Now, it’s a bit tougher.

The housing market is cooling in New York. It’s also leveling off and going sideways. And ebbing. In fact, the market may be simmering, swooning, and trending downward as well. But it could simply be normalizing, too. It depends on whom you ask or read. Or overhear on the sidewalk.

In addition to trying to define the market any way possible (is “soft landing” still acceptable?), there’s a few dozen other pieces as well in the new issue.

Michael Calderone Define the “Post-Boom Era”