DeWine and the Boys

We’re hearing rumors (okay, we’ve seen the invite) that U.S. Senator Mike DeWine will be parachuting into the city next Monday, June 26, to raise some old fashioned New York cash for his November re-election bid.

The fund-raiser will take place at the 21 Club — one of the original old-boy hangouts — where guests will pay $1,000 for lunch or $2,100 if they want to rub shoulders with Mr. DeWine & Co. at a pre-lunch VIP reception. The hosts include such Wall Street sugar daddies as Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince, JPMorgan Chase chairman Bill Harrison, and Goldman Sachs executive veep Ed Forst, as well as GOP musclemen Senator John Sununu, Senator Chuck Hagel, and Congressman Michael Oxley.

Given DeWine’s position on gay marriage — he’s one of the guys who sponsored the amendment banning same-sex marriage — we doubt he’ll be flying in a day early to cheer on the marchers at next Sunday’s Pride parade down 5th Avenue. In fact, we doubt he’ll be seeing much of New York at all beyond the cool interiors of ’21’ and his Town Car. But you never know.

— Lizzy Ratner DeWine and the Boys