Eat This: A Brief History of Shamed Public Masticators

The Eater: Daniel Gross
The Bet: “John Snow will have a replacement, and he may very well come from the corporate world. But if it’s an A-list Wall Street CEO, I’ll buy a copy of Dow 36,000 and eat the first chapter.”
The Meal: Paper soaked in balsamic vinaigrette
The Video: Daniel Gross Eats a Book, Slate, June 9, 2006.

The Eater: Tucker Carlson
The Bet: “Carlson, the conservative half of the political talk show, had repeatedly claimed on air that [Hillary Rodham] Clinton’s book would never sell that many copies, vowing to eat his shoes if it did.”
The Meal: Shoe-shaped chocolate cake
The Video: Hillary Clinton has sweet revenge,, July 9, 2003.

The Eater: Werner Herzog
The Bet: “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe is a short documentary film directed by Les Blank in 1980 which depicts director Werner Herzog living up to his promise that he would eat his shoe if Errol Morris ever completed the film Gates of Heaven.” [via]
The Meal: Shoe boiled with vegetables
The Video:Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe, 1980. Eat This: A Brief History of Shamed Public Masticators