Ellie Ryan Blum

May 15, 2006

12:06 p.m.

5 pounds, 11 ounces

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Ten cashmere onesies, please! Jodi Blum, 32, an account executive at Ralph Lauren, didn’t find out the sex of her first baby before birth, but “I thought it was a girl the entire time,” she said, so she made sure to stock up on her company’s most feminine little designs (hello, company discount). Sure enough: 17 hours after a Mother’s Day induction, this petite, pouty-lipped Polo princess pranced out, much to the delight of her proud new papa, Darrin Blum, 33, a sales specialist at Reuters and Ms. Blum’s husband of two years. “As soon as he gets home, he plays with her for the whole night,” Mom said proudly. “Home” is a three-story townhouse in Melville, N.Y. (named for Herman, home of Newsday, halfway to the Hamptons).

Ellie Ryan Blum