[em]National Review[/em] Sees Rudy No-Show

We just saw Charlie Cook’s handicapping of the 2008 Presidential race in the National Review.

Rudy Giuliani trails McCain by only a couple of points, and despite his many fund-raising gigs, is dismissed as likely to be a no-show, for all the reasons you’ve heard before.

It strikes me as extremely unlikely that the GOP will nominate someone who favors abortion rights and supported gay-rights and gun-control measures as New York’s mayor. Therefore, it is doubtful that Giuliani will run. With Hizzoner out of the mix, McCain jumped to 37 percent, Romney came in second with 10 percent.

Giuliani’s people continue to say that he will make up his mind whether to run or not after the mid-term elections , but based on these numbers, his buddy John McCain should hope he stays out of it.

– Jason Horowitz

[em]National Review[/em] Sees Rudy No-Show